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Sep 18, 2014 at 02:48 PM

Need Ideas For Storage Units Data Storage Capabilities - Special Attributes? History? 2 Ind-UMs


Hello experts,

The company I'm working for is looking into permanently-storing pallet level information (keep a history of the pallet movements) and use RF-scanners to move product in the warehouse. They have made a decision to implement Warehouse Management's Storage Unit Management functionality. They looked into Handling Units as well, but they don't want to use HUs for many reasons.

They would also like to store 2 units of measure at the Storage Unit level without activating "Catch Weight Management" because that would require them to run parallel systems for a while and also deal with CWM functionality restrictions. Keep in mind that most of the products they handle are catch-weight products, so UM conversions don't work for them.

Solutions I have in mind:

For storing 2 independent UMs: Store the quantity of the 2nd unit of measure in a custom table at the Storage Unit level and use custom RF-scanner programs to "receive, issue, scrap, and move" goods in the warehouse. These custom RF-scanner programs would update SAP standard table with 1st (base) UM and also custom table with 2nd UM.

For permanenlty-storing SU history: Use custom table to to store Storage Unit History. The custom programs created to handle the SUs would update this custom table.

Last time I checked, the history of a Storage Unit is not recorded in SAP, correct? ONLY in Handling Units, correct?

OR are there any documents/tables that permanently store the Storage Unit number so they can be queried after the Storage Unit is consumed/issued?

I know SAP keeps improving its applications with every release, so I'm just looking at my options here.

Does anyone else have any other ideas on how to approach this other than Using Handling Units & Catch Weight Management?

Thanks in advance!

-Mr. Bello

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