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SAP SCRIPT Duplex printing of pages

Hi All,

I have a unique requirement, I am working on FI check printing using sap script. I have the check design pretty much completed. My issue is with the sequence of the pages that needs to be printed. I have to print the first page which will have the check on the pre printed check material from the first tray and anything that is overflowing will be printed on a regular paper on tray 2. this is easy to achieve, but the last bit of this requirement is to print a last page which will have the company's logo and address and the receiver address and this page needs to be printed on the back of the check page, that is behind the first page. So the sequence will be first page (has to be duplex printing to print the last page with the address) -> next page (only if overflow) -> last page (print on the back of the check). So far I have tried to achieve this by changing the next page of each page, but nothings worked. I have the first page set for duplex printing and to print from tray1, next page to print from tray2 and last page to again print from tray1. Also changed the driver program to call the last page just before the close form, that didn't help too. That's the whole scenario, I have copied the standard check printing driver program RFFOUS_C. I would appreciate any sort of ideas to achieve this. Thank you!!

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4 Answers

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    Sep 19, 2014 at 10:13 AM


    to me, your sequence does not make sense: how can you first print from tray 1 (check paper), then overflow page from tray 2, and then recipient address (in duplex mode) on the back of the 1st page which came from tray 1 ??? The 1st page has long been printed when your print data stream arrives at page 3.

    If you need 1st page printed duplex (check on front and address on back), you need to run your smart form in that sequence, too. So 1st page with check, printmode=D(UPLEX), tray = 1, 2nd page is the back of the 1st page (printmode= DEFAULT, no tray selection), and then you need to find out if you need to print "overflow" and use a 3rd page with Tray = 2 and printmode = default.

    Makes sense?


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    • Former Member Florian Henninger

      Thanks guys for your reply, Since I was working with a standard driver program I was hoping to achieve this just with the script. But I guess I have no option but to tinker with the driver program, the LDB will make it hard but ill give it a shot. thanks again.

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    Nov 03, 2014 at 08:26 PM

    Hi All,

    We finally got the new check printer last week and the duplex printing is working perfectly. The MICR code is also printing on the check and also the duplex printing and the overflow is working perfectly as well. We used the TROYMICR as the device type, only problem we faced was that since the printer did not have a tray 01 we had to use tray 02 and tray 03 for the overflow and TROYMICR did not have the control sequence for TRAY03. So I had to get the basis guy add the print control sequence for TRAY03 after which the overflow page started to print from tray03. Thank you all for your help, I learnt a lot about printers and print controls during this time and also to despise sap scripts some more 😊.

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  • Sep 18, 2014 at 08:42 PM

    You need to change the set to this

    do it in that way and I'm pretty sure it will work

    Make sure all the options are working fine. You can test the Tray-printing with the SO10-Text SAPSCRIPT-TRAYTEST

    also make sure your duplex-command is correct interpreted by the device-type.

    This is a scenario I implemented more than one time and it always worked fine.

    Perhaps you have to check with your basis guys and have a look into the SAP Printer Vendor Program with your device-type/printer is this is all supported.

    Here is how to control the pages, but you already mentioned it in that way above:

    PRINT-CONTROL duplex ON (you know the correct controls, so this is just the point in time)

    First - Preprinted Check-paper (TRY01)

    NEW-PAGE Command ( switch to your Address and logo page)



    do the overflow things


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    Sep 23, 2014 at 10:01 PM

    Hi guys,

    I made the changes in the driver program (copied standard and changed the include), now the sequence is coming out correctly. the spool looks like check page -> address and logo -> overflow if any, which is perfect. But when I print, it still prints on separate pages and not duplex. the settings that I have maintained on my sap script is like below:

    check page - print mode: D and resource name: TRY01

    address page -> both are blank that is default

    overflow page -> resource name is TRY02 and print mode is default.

    I checked the printer settings and its print mode is set to Default: Printer default setting.

    Do I need to change this to duplex also? I know the printer has the ability to print duplex because they did that through the legacy system too and I did get my script to print duplex a couple of days ago but I have changed it so much since then that I don't remember what the settings were then.

    Thank you!!

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    • Hi vikas,

      best solution would be to have a look into the SAP Printer Vendor Program and figure out what is supported. Additional to that, work through the requirements and make sure, everything will work fine.

      I also used this model a few times and never faced any problems with it. It is a PCL-compatible printer, so in my opinion there shouldn't be any issues.


      PS: Maybe you can order a test-printer and do some testing.