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Sep 18, 2014 at 01:12 PM

DMEE output -> Same codepage for two formats in the settings but different output


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

we have created two payment methods. Both are for our company in China. For both methods a file in .txt format needs to be created which is then uploaded to the banks homepage. The bank has the requirement that the txt* file has to be an UTF-8.

One payment method is domestic payments and carries chinese characters. In OBPM3 we have set the codepage "4110" as a codepage which stands for UTF-8. And it works: The file that is being created is shown as UTF-8.

The other payment method is for payments in foreign curreny and contains no chinese characters (-> only latin characters). Here we have also set the "4110" as acodepage. But the output is in ANSI!!!

And it becomes even more weird: When I take a look into the table REGUT even the files with the right output ( =UTF-8) have the entry "4103" (=UTF-16).

Any ideas?

Thank`s in advance