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Sep 18, 2014 at 10:53 AM

Meaning of an alert message in SAP PI 7.3



I am using PI 7.3. This is a File to JDBC Scenario and the QoS is EOIO. Data has passed through this scenario for last one year.

Yesterday, there was one failure due to wrong data present in the source file. After this failure, I cancelled this error message in PI System as the QoS is EOIO. Then the source file was corrected and was resent to PI system and it is successfully processed through PI and also successfully posted to the target system. But this time, although the message has successfully delivered through PI system, one alert message got generated. See below.

ErrText": "Conversion of file content to XML failed at position 0: The file access permissions do not allow the specified action.",

Can anyone help me to understand why this alert message got generated?

Thanks & Regards,