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Sep 18, 2014 at 09:52 AM

Merge menus of two or more composite roles


Hello everybody,

I am currently redesigning the authorization concept in our company and have encountered some difficulties with the composite roles. The idea was to create a composite role for each workplace and then assign this composite role to the user.

Now, it turns out that in the accounting department people are assigned to more than one workplace so that they need to have more than one composite role.


Workplace 1: Accounts Payable for company A

Workplace 2: Accounts Payable for company B

(I cannot put these two in one composite role, as another accountant may be responsible for company A and C).

According to our new concept, the composite roles of workplace 1 and 2 have the same single roles, except with different authorization values on the company code level. Therefore, both composite roles have the same user menus.

If I assign those two composite roles to one user, he will see the same folders twice (or even more times, if more composite roles are assigned).

Is there any way to merge these two menus? Could the parameter CONDENSE_MENU in the table SSM_CUST help? Though I am a little concerned regarding the performance since the menus are quite big.

Does anybody have any suggestions or experiences?


Silvia Schroeder