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Sep 18, 2014 at 10:14 AM

Copy data from delivery to return order



I have looked around for a solution for my problem but without any results.

I have a process that involves Returns from customer and consignment issues. Example : We first do a KB order, then create a delivery, this one is then picked and batch and Serial number are determined during TO creation and confirmation. The goods are deliverd and then later a KE order is created based on the first KB order, but since Serial number and batch not is determined during salesorder creation we dont get any of that on the KE order, we have to look that up manually.

If I maintain the Serial number and batch on the KB order it all Works fine, but determining batch and serialnumber during salesorder creation is not an option since that is done during picking.

Is there a solution for this, can the KE order copy data from the delivery or can the delivery update the original salesorder with batch and serialnumber?