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Sep 18, 2014 at 08:44 AM

WT effective date check in the PCR


HI Experts,

I have a requirement wheras the particular WT 6000 is valid till 31.5.2014.Now from 1.6.2014 new WT will get generated as 6005 in place of 6000.THere is already an existing PCR for generation of amount of Wt 6000.So how the new Wt 6005 can be made applicable from 1.6.2014.

Note:We need to keep in mind that old WT 6000 should get generated with existing logic till 31.5.2014 if retro is triggered.

So request you to provide logic to handle this scenario. Is operation CMPER will be useful in this case. If yes then what may be the steps.