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Sep 18, 2014 at 07:53 AM

RFC parameter field values are not reflecting in the destination non-sap system



I have added three new fields in the existing table parameters of the RFC by extending the structure.The values are showing up in the interface parameters on the execution of the RFC in the SAP system.RFC is getting called by non-sap system. Out of the three fields I have added one of the field value is showing up in the destination non-sap system but other two field values are not showing up.The datatype are same.All the other values of the structure are showing up except for the added 2 fields.

I checked the datatype ( which is CHAR here for the two fields), removed the leading spaces.Checked the connection. Everything is fine.The technical guy of the non-SAP system is clueless about this.Please help me to figure out the issue.

When the numeric value is passed say 5.11 from SAP in the destination its showing as 0.00.If I pass the character value it shows BLANK. But in the RFC output of the SAP I am getting values correctly!!