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Sep 18, 2014 at 07:46 AM

How to filter two different data sets into Chart component



Here's my problem: I need to show the current year's YTD actual revenue data on a column chart (e.g. 001.2014 - 008.2014). This is simply achieved by range filtering the 0FISCPER accordingly by range mentioned above.

Now, I want to see also Previous Year revenue values in the same chart next to current year's actual revenue data for comparison. The problem is that PY data has 0FISCPER values 001 - 008.2013 and now the datasource is already filtered to show only 001 - 008.2014 data:

1st column on the chart: Current revenue ( 0FISCPER : 001.2014 - 008.2014 )

2nd column on the chart: Previous year revenue ( 0FISCPER : 001.2013 - 008.2013 )

Current revenue and PY revenue are individual measures in the query so with current test data, if I select 2013 data I see only PY measures and if 2014 data is selected I see only actual revenue figures.

How can I get both current actual revenue data and previous year revenue data to be shown in the same chart with SAP BO Design Studio (without modifying the underlying query ). From 2013 I would only want to see PY value, nothing else. This might be trivial task but I just could not get it right...