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Sep 18, 2014 at 06:52 AM

Overall Status of order Being processed after complete PGI & Billing


Dear All,

Before writing this post i tried all possible solution available on SCN & internet.

In sales order overall status (GBSTK) is Being processed after doing complete delivery and Billing.

I tried many things changed the completion rule also run the program SDVBUK00 but the status is not updated to complete.

Created 1 sales order with 1 material without any reference then done PGI for 1 material then done billing successfully.

In table VBUK / VBUP the field GBSTK / GBSTA showing Being processed, for delivery and invoice its showing completed "C".

I checked the Incompletion Log also there is nothing pending.

Please refer screenshots and provide me solutions.

Thanks in advance.

Tarun Kumar


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2.jpg (70.1 kB)
3.jpg (94.9 kB)