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Sep 17, 2014 at 09:46 PM

PR>Contract>PO not reducing PR commitment amount



When we follow best business practices, the PO doesn’t reduce the commitment amount of the PR line item because the link between the PR and PO appears to be missing. We now have a large dollar amount of outstanding contract related PR commitments spanning several fiscal years. Is there a configuration or business process that we missed?

I am the CO person and an issue was recently brought to my attention when a business owner ran standard commitment reports. The business owner found the report was doubling the commitment amounts because the full dollar amount of the purchase request line item and the related purchase order line item were both displayed. Apparently, the PO wasn’t reducing the PR amount. This only seems to be happening with service contract related PR and POs.

The PR line item is created (transaction ME51N and ME52N) with doc type NB and then the contract is referenced to it (ME31K and ME32K). The PO is then created by adopting the contract number (ME33K). Both the PR and the PO are now linked to the contract. We have our commitments activated (OKKP) up to FY 9999 and the PR has been flagged as ‘Affects commitments’ (field XOBLR in table EBAN). As far as I’ve been able to find out, we have been following best business practices when creating our PR and POs when a contract exists.

I appologize if this question should be in the CO or FM area.

Thank you for any replies,