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Sep 17, 2014 at 08:21 PM

Production order dates not in sync between ECC and APO


Dear Folks,

Currently we are facing below two issues related to production orders.

1) Production order dates not in sync between ECC and APO.

To give some background, planned orders are created during the weekend CTM run which are then converted to production orders in ECC. When the production order is in either created or released status, the scheduled start and finish dates in ECC match with the start and end dates in APO, but when either the first or last operation is confirmed, the confirmed start date from production order in ECC overwrites the start date of production order when see in productview in APO and thus the dates for the production order in ECC and APO get out of sync.

Also, when I re-schedule the production order in ECC after the first operation is confirmed (assuming 2 more operations are remaining) the new schedued dates are calculated based on the time taken for remaining 2 operations and these new scheduled dates are passed on to APO. In this situation the dates are in sync.

Help me understand the behaviour.

2) Production orders not generated by PPDS are having status 'EXTS' (Orders scheduled by external system).

For some production orders which are converted from planned orders generated through CTM, the status of these orders are EXTS even when the scheduling of these orders are happening in ECC.

For test purposes, I pushed the inconsistent production orders to R/3 which led to setting of the status to 'EXTS'.

In which scenario, the status of the production orders can be set to EXTS other than mentioned above (PPDS prod orders/orders pushed to R/3 in CCR)?