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Sep 17, 2014 at 07:00 PM

Full Optimization -Stabilize model technical name


Hi BPC Gurus,

I want to perform a Full optimization for my BPC 10.0 Model. After execution of FULL OPTIMIZATION I do want the model technical name to be changed

Our BPC systems version CPMBPC 801 Level02

I am referring to the note:1689814- Stabilize Info cube technical name during Full optimizations.

As suggested check the below areas and they all are already set.

1. Run transaction SE91.

2. In 'Message Classes' enter UJA_EXCEPTION.

3. In message number 368. Has 'Model &1 has transaction data, please backup the data and run it again'.

4. In message number 387. Has 'Full optimize is not required with 'ENABLE_FIXED_CUBENAME' switched on'

5. Run transaction SE91.

6. In 'Message Classes' enter UJT_EXCEPTION.

7. In message number 132. Has 'ENABLE_FIXED_CUBE of model: &1 are not identical between 2 systems'.


Does this mean I can go ahead and do the full optimization and there will not be any change in Model Technical name?. Please confirm/ suggest if any other process available to validate this. Thank you.

Kind Regards