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Sep 17, 2014 at 01:46 PM

Future dated orders in waves


HI All

I have orders that come in the warehouse as future dated ,meaning order is placed today and delivery is for the next 2 days,and in that this delivery needs to be picked a day before the delivery date.when the system creates the waves for these type of orders it assigns the last wave template option.for instance if it picked up wave template 50,in this template it only allocates/assigns the wave to the last wave option in this template 50.this is the last wave for the day.I want the system to assign the next available wave option instead of just assigning it to the last one.I hope i am making sense and that htere is a hero out there.

in this pic the order is created today for delivery tommorow.and as seen below the template is 102 and option 10 which is the last option.This delivery was created at 13:26 so it should have picked up the wave template option 8 atleast.

In the second pic below,you will see that it has assigned it to the last option or wave in this template.I have tried mantaining the time intervals to try and accormodate the FDO's but with no luck,it still assigns it to the last one.i need the system to check all templates avaialable and assign the order to the next wave run and not only the last one.


Leonard :-(


wave.PNG (28.7 kB)
wave templates.PNG (18.5 kB)