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Sep 17, 2014 at 01:36 PM

CO assignment in RE-FX service charge settlement


Hello guys,

for next year we try to implement service charge settlement for year 2014. Now I am thinking about the correct and complete CO assignment in the whole service charge settlement process.

Requirement is to see all the cost at our cost center because our controlling department does not know the RE-FX co objects and only monitors the cost center every month-end closing.

(1) Advance payments from our contracts get posted with RERAPP. They there get assigned to our rental objects which contain settlement rules to our cost center, so every month after doing RERAPP we also do RECOSEVAR for transfering the revenues to our cost center.

(2) Incoming Invoice Posting normally should be assigned to the settlement units. When doing that cost center will only get assigned as statistical assignment, so it is useless. So what is the right way here? Assigning only settlement units and then also put settlement rules to cost center for every settlement unit like it is done for rental objects? If doing so RECOSEVAR would credit the settlement unit, so that balance would be 0. Is this a problem for the service charge settlement or will CO documents get ignored?

(3) Service Charge settlement will credit the the settlement unit and debit the rental objects. In both cases no cost center would get assigned. So again doing RECOSEVAR to transfer values from settlement unit and rental object to cost center?

Would this be the right way or can I get it a bit easier? :-)

And for (2) When missing to assign the settlement unit. What is the best way for bringing the costs there? I used transaction KB61 but it was not that handy.

Thanks a lot!