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Sep 17, 2014 at 01:22 PM

SMP 3.0 SP04: Agentry Application endpoints - Multiple instances of same type


Hi Experts.

So I have upgraded my local SMP 3.0 to SP04 PL01.

I am testing the multi Agentry application capabilities.

I have initially installed 1 Work Manager 6.1 and 1 Inventory Manager 4.0 (standard versions).

Application endpoints are:

WM61: https://<FQDN_smp>:8081/SAPWM

IM40: https://<FQDN_smp>:8081/SAPIM

So far so good - I can connect to both of them.

Problem 1.

In the startup log I will see this line for the Work Manager application:

SAPWorkMgr6.1: Opening WebSockets servlet for sub-URL /SAPWM

This tells me the application endpoint for this application.

Question 1:

Why don't I see a corresponding line for the Inventory Manager application ?

I see the application is starting

12:58:41 09/17/2014: Starting SAPInvMgr4.0_CWIM

But not the application endpoint !

I guessed that it should be /SAPIM, and it worked.

Problem 2:

Now I installed a second Inventory Manager.

Question 2:

What is the application Endpoint for this ?

/SAPIM is already in use !

I saw on the server that the Agentry Directory is now named<AppName>.

This makes really good sense, because this ensures uniques across applications.

However the application endpoint seems to be named from the Agentry Project name !

So what if you install the same application to support multiple backends, how do you ensure uniqueness of your application endpoints ?

I hope someone can answer this.


Søren Hansen