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Sep 17, 2014 at 12:44 PM

Design Studio 1.3 is frozen when pressing the content assistance (control + space)



I am having an strange issue - I opened a message to SAP – and I would like to share with you in case you saw/heard something similar.

I will try to summarize all the steps :

a) Create a new application . Start adding datasources to Design studio.

b) After some of them are adding(not sure if it is related to the number of components or datasources, not more than six), I am no longer able to press the content assistance(control + space). When I type control + space the application is frozen , and I will be no longer available to press control + space again on this application(no matter if close and restart Design Studio again).

c) If other user want to do the same in my application from his/her machine the same result appears.

c.1) If I uninstall Desing Studio from mi machine, the user that in point C could not press control + space now can do it, on my application.

c.2) However I will not be able to go into the application and press control + space again, (in my computer or other, no matter if I uninstall/reinstall DStudio again). I will have to start a new application from the beginning. So I am guessing that something is wrong with my user in some place
but cannot find it.

Design Studio version :

Thank you very much.