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Former Member
Sep 17, 2014 at 12:43 PM

Overhead Calculation Based on Costing Lot Size in CK11N


Hi All,

I have came across in such a requirement where overhead values should be calculated based on costing lot size.

Generally we maintain costing sheet along with Base ( Consumption GL and QTY) and overhead rates to calculate overhead.

But client is asking that the overhead should be calculated based on costing lot size which is once of the field we maintain in



Material - 1000

Costing Lot Size - 100

Overhead Rate - 5

For Material 1000 Overhead will be calculated as 500.

Is their any configuration available for the same in standard. If not can we manage this with any user exit?

Is it right approach to calculate overhead in standard costing? will it impact on any other processes if we manage to calculate overheads based on our expectations?


Sagar C"kar