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Sep 17, 2014 at 10:48 AM

Integration Gateway Eclipse Kepler:Error in deployment for SOAP WS after selecting target runtime as SMP 3.0 SP04


Hi Experts,

As we all know that SMP 3.0 SP04 and PL01 has been released and i tried the below sample example of OData modeling for SOAP WS in Eclipse kepler.

How to connect SOAP WebServices with Integration Gateway in SMP3

Let me share what i have tried:

While creating the project, i selected Target Runtime server as SMP 3.0 SP04 as below

done with odata modeling and while deployment, i get this error :

"Deployment can not be completed for project ...."

After looking at eclipse logs, it says

Generation started for Article_Service project

Wed Sep 17 15:53:26 IST 2014 | Generation and build failed for Article_Service as validation of resource is failed

Wed Sep 17 15:53:26 IST 2014 | Deploy skipped; project list is empty

Wed Sep 17 15:53:26 IST 2014 | Generation, build and deploy failed for task f856dcae-8205-4071-9ea3-aa01e676874a

I have tried with other SOAP Web service also but same issue/error.


1: This issue is coming only for when i select Data Source as SOAP WS, i am able to execute with JDBC, ODC

2. If i select Target Runtime as "SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 SP03 or lower" then i am able to deploy same OData project successfully.

@Bjoern Woppmann , @Jeff Gebo Is this issue related to Eclipse Kepler or SMP 3.0 SP04?




TragetRuntime.png (33.1 kB)