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Sep 17, 2014 at 09:25 AM

Creation of Decision in Process Chain to load data to a SPO



I have a question regarding adding a Decision type to my Process chain.

I want to load data to a SPO that contains 12 InfoCubes (Jan - Dec) from a DSO, but I do not want to start all 12 DTP's.

Want I am looking for is a way to only start the DTP's that load to the InfoCubes that contain current month, last month and all other data should be loaded to a Infocube (nr 13) that is not a part of the SPO so I would only have 3 DTP's running at the same time and not 13.

E.g. A delta load to the DSO contains 3 records; 1 for 2014.09, 1 for 2014.08 and 1 for 05.2013 triggers the DTP to the January InfoCube, the DTP to the August InfoCube and the DTP to the 13 Infocube.

Is this possible by using a Decision and if so how?

Kind Regards