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Sep 17, 2014 at 08:30 AM

Pricing update return order



We create return orders from invoice. In the Original order, there are price scales. For example: 1000kg > 1 eur/kg ; 2000kg > 0,90 eur/kg. We use discounts to deduct the 0,10 eur/kg.

When we create this return, we use pricing control D in the copy control. The pricing is copied unchanged, but when we change the quantitiy from 2000 to 1000kg, the discount of 0,10 eur/kg is removed. This is not what we want, since by this we will credit against a higher price as what was charged to the customer. This will even result in a nett discount of 0,20 eur/kg for the remaining 1000kg


I have tried to use pricing update E in the copy control. With this however, the total price does not change at all. So when we have a return for 2000kg * 0,90 = 1800 euro. After changing the quantity to 1000, the total price will remain 1800 euro.

Does anyone know a way to have SAP to keep the pricing scales and discounts in place in the return order, even after a change of QTY. In the example above, I want a credit amount of 900 euro. Not 1800, not 1000.