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Sep 17, 2014 at 08:02 AM

How to use BT - AET extension ?


Hi All,

I know this is an old topic , but I got struck and I have searched forum , but i couldn't get answer.

I have extended Btadminh for opportunity using AET. Its a table extension.

Below is the step I followed

1. AET table extension for BTadminh field done

2. I can see the table is created , in genil model browser , i can see the extension as well as relationship created.

3. I have create class ZCL_CRM_ADMINH_RUN_BTIL - inheriting from CL_CRM_ADMINH_RUN_BTIL .

4. I have assigned structure ZCL_CRM_ADMINH , to BTadminH in spro

4. for opportunity overview page , i can see a ZAET view available for display , I have made config changes to see this assignment block in component workbench.

And this is where now I am struck

1. I am trying to create a formview for data entry purpose for this extension field in opportunity component,

2. In creating view I selected BTadminh as model node and BOL node. Next screen i could select all the extension fields and I created view creation part.

3. Now when I go to View configuration , I see CX_CRM_UNSUPPORTED_OBJECT error.

My question is - how do i make these extension fields available for users to make entry and what step is missing. Do I have to write code for saving these fields as well ?