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Sep 17, 2014 at 08:03 AM

Excise Base Amount Not Populated in J1IEX / MIGO in Imports


I have completed all following steps for Import process with CVD. CenVAT is to be taken on CVD.


1. Maintain Import Pricing procedure with Conditions CVD, Cess and Ecess (JCV1, JECV, J1CV)

2. Create Nil Tax code in FTXP and assign to Company code

3. Maintained Excise Defaults for TAXINN with tax code created above and CVD conditions given

4. Maintained CVD account in Company code settings

5. Maintained OBYC settings

6. Checked Condition type PB00 details which are standard settings only.

Master Data

1. J1ID Raw material and Chapter ID details Maintained

2. J1ID Material Output material maintained

3. J1ID Vendor Excise Registration maintained with some placeholder characters


1. Import PO in USD created and maintained values for CVD condition types with custom vendor assigned.

2. MIRO processed in INR for Custom duty vendor. CVD amount posted correctly.

3. During, J1IEX error is shown "Please check Excise base for the item is Zero! "

I searched other threads also. No significant help.

Please help me find where the actual problem is.