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Sep 17, 2014 at 07:24 AM

Report HRALXSYNC : Internal Candidate Column is RED


Dear all ,

We have around 3500 employees in our current client. I run report HRALXSYNC for all employees but only 1120 internal candidates are created and the remaining employees (2380) have their "Internal Candidate" column as RED sign in HRALXSYNC.

After spending around 2 days on this, I found that we are having duplicate e-mail addresses in info type 0105 (0010). The reason is, 2380 employees does not have access to the portal / internet so all the email communication to them would be through their supervisors, so that's why supervisor's e-mail addresses is stored in info type 0105 (0010) for such employees.

example: email id "" is stored in IT 0105 (0010) for 50 employees.

Is this a reason that their internal candidates are not being created ? If so, what should I do now to fix this ?

waiting for your input.