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Sep 17, 2014 at 06:45 AM

How to extract globally standard material texts (UNSPSC standards) in PR creation/ Material description identification


Hi Experts,

We procure non-stock items by mentioning the material text only in PR. Sometimes, user may enter wrong text also (it can also be a minute mistake in mentioning dimension of a material text). So, do we have a tool/way in our std. SAP with that we can enable our users to select/choose the material text of requested non stock item from a string of material texts which will appear wile entering/initiating material description in PR ( For ex: In Google search, if we search for a specific item, it will start proposing some standard existing items in its backlog). The same way can we have this functionality for users to select standard material descriptions from a globally identified materials (UNSPSC ,ISO standards etc) string (lets say if its "pipe" "40 inches" then system will shows all standard pipe existing globally with naming conventions inclusive of "pipe" "40 inches" and the user will select one from this list.)

I hope my query is clear to you.Please ask if any doubt you have on it.

I am attaching few screen shots on it.. Though,some software are available in market which may provide this functionality but I am more concered on its availability within SAP.

Thanks & Regards



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