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Sep 17, 2014 at 06:58 AM

Delete warning message for material deletion flag in PM/CS


Hi All

I have a question with regards to material deletion flags. We have a lot of product numbers that business have marked with a deletion flag, that is busniess behavior, when they don´t use the product anymore.

Problem is that we in the service department still recive in this products for repair, each time we create a notification or service order, we add the product number in the assembly field. Since that field have a validation you get a warrning when order is saved.

The warning is ok when we work inside SAP gui, we can just confirm message with enter and then process the order.. But we have a portal where we interact with our service partners ( its build on std SAP function call ) and here the message course problems.

This function call can not handle the warning message, so orders can not be dispatched to service partners.

Further more we like to create equipments on all our products and here we also get the problem..

So question is, do anyone know a SAP note or where to deactivate that system message ?

PS: We are working with buisness not to set the deletion falg, but change in process is fare in the future, and we kind of need a solution for our portal now.