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Sep 17, 2014 at 01:54 AM

Header autentication Receiver HTTP (soap-axis)



I need to place the authentication in the header to the SOAP receiver channel is for soap-http axis.

Place the authentication module, but the monitor shows pi invalid username and password.

Was entered in the module, but does not work

ParameterName Module Key Parameter Value

wssec UsernameToken action

wssec Handler.Type java:

wssec passwordType PasswordText

wssec pwd.password <enter password> = <enter password>

wssec user <enter username>

How rare header from soapUI putting in username and password works, but since IP does not work, it no longer occurs to me that may be happening.

We spent a WSDL with soap12, you can from an XSL add the user and password or may be going ?.