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Sep 16, 2014 at 08:32 PM

Automatic Firming Of Planned Orders Without Using Planning Time Fence


Hello PP gurus,

Is there a way to configure/customize SAP to automatically "firm all Planned Orders" created during MRP run? I'm looking for something other than the Planning Time Fence or Custom Code (If custom code is the only option, which BADI/function should I use?).

I implemented the time fence, but it didn't work for the business requirement.

Business requirement: Create multiple planned orders for same material for each MRP run FOR THE SAME TIME PERIOD COVERED BY THE PREVIOUS RUN.


  1. I have initial requirements for a week for 10 CS and 4 Cs available in inventory.
  2. 1st MRP run creates Planned Order #X1 for 6 CS to cover shortage.
  3. Additional requirements of 8 CS are entered by our sales team after the fact for that same time period. 2nd MRP run currently modifies Planned Order# X1 from 6 CS to 14 (original 6 + new 8) CS to cover shortage.
  4. I would like to firm X1 when it is originally created for 6 CS and have the 2nd MRP run create another Planned Order X2 for the 8 CS added after the first run and also firm X2 right after it is created.

Using the Planning time fence, I was able to get all Planned Orders within the Time Fence firmed after the first MRP run. The problem is that when I execute a second MRP run, the Planned Orders needed to fulfill the new(recently-added) requirements of 8 CS get pushed outside outside the Time Fence into the future.

I need something that firms the orders automatically WITHOUT pushing them into the future?

---I will gladly reward points for helpful/correct answers.

Thanks in advance.