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Sep 16, 2014 at 05:28 PM

Redraw Canvas on resize of parent container


Hi All,

I want to redraw canvas on page resize.

I have created sap.ui.core.HTML control who's content is one Canvas element. on afterRendering event i have draw canvas. which is working fine. I have set width to 100%(canvas) in CSS.
Problem is when user resize browser or switch from portrait to land scape mode the canvas context get shrink or streach. I want to redraw canvas on page resize. I tried follwoing but it didnt work

var html1 = new sap.ui.core.HTML("html1", {


"<canvas id='myCanvas' class='test'></canvas>",

afterRendering: oController.renderCanvas //Perfectly draw canvas base on current page size


html1.attachEvent("onresize", html1, oController.someFunToReDrawCanvas,null); // did not get fired at all. Also tried with "resize" word

Please let me know where I have made mistake or is there any other way by which I can call redraw Canvas function of controller.

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