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Sep 16, 2014 at 04:05 PM

Maternity Pay for GB Employee


Hi All,

I am facing an issue while running the maternity pay for an employee.

The employee AWE should be 89 £ for 2 periods before the date of notification in infotype 88, where she does not eligible for maternity pay.

When I ran the payroll for the employee, it is paying the maternity amount to the employee but actually it should not pay.

For Example:

A employee,

Maternity Pay starts on 7th Period.

IT 88 - Notification on 5th Period

So the average should be previous 2 periods average i.e,. (3rd and 4th period)

The Average should be 89£ where she does not eligible for maternity pay.

But the system is paying her the SMP.

The Employee has retro on 3rd period (period 1, period2, period3).

When I check the MAWE in GBSXP it is showing a value which is not maintained in the system and the value is from DT table based on /5M1.

I checked the PCR GG70 and GSXPD operation from here the /5M1 produces output to /5A2 and creates a /211 in RT table.

The first /211 value is the result expected but the second /211 comes from the DT table.

Where the second /211 is evolved from /5M1, which leads the average to be 139 instead of 89.

My SXPDT implementation date in t511k is 01.04.2003.

I am not sure why there is a value in DT?

I have attached the Screen shot of MAWE on 7th period simulation run:

Please help me to solve the issue. Revert back if you need further information.

With Regards,

Giriesh M


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