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Sep 16, 2014 at 02:28 PM

BaDI WF_SUBSTITUTE seems no have no effect on the UI of the UWL


Hello folks,

I'm not entirely sure whether the Workflow Subforums wouldn't be a better place to post this, but I'll give it a shot here first.

System Information:

NW AS 7.03 ABAP Stack 731 Level 11, ECC 606 (EHP 6) with SAP_HR 604 Level 73 and EA_HR 607 (HR-Renewal 1) Level 24

NW AS 7.02 JAVA Stack 702 Level 13


We are using the Universal Worklist for our Workflow based Business Scenarios of the Leave Request and Travel Request (both WDA), up until now without the Substitution function. However, we now want to implement and use the Subsitution function according to our business needs. At the moment I'm using this awesome wiki FAQs on Substitution functionality in UWL - Netweaver Technology - SCN Wiki by @Krishna Kishor Kammaje (I hope I tagged the correct Person..) --> Many Kudos to you, Sir - and am now in the process of implementing the BADI WF_SUBSTITUTE.


The Method IF_EX_WF_SUBSTITUTE~RESTRICT_PROFILES can supposedly be used to restrict the Substitution Profiles which can be selected from the Drop-Down Box in the Subsitution Manager. I've played around with the BADI testing its functionality before actually coding what we need, i.e. at the moment I just statically delete two entries from the internal table PROFILES:

DELETE profiles WHERE profile EQ 'ZLEAREQ'.
DELETE profiles WHERE profile EQ 'ZTRVREQ'.

While Debugging, I can see that the BADI is called, my coding has effect and the business logic adapts it until the RFC-Control is handed back to the WDJ, i.e. I can see throughout all Levels of the callstack, that my coding has had the wanted/expected effect on the internal table. However, the UI, i.e. the DropdownBox in the WDJ apparently doesn't care much about that, because all entries as per configured in the customizing are shown, including those I have (theoretically) suppressed/deleted in the BADI.

What I tried so far / Analysis:

Manual SAP Note search, ANST, SAPxSearch (found some Threads similar to my problem that were however locked with no solution provided).

EDIT: I've also cleared my local Browser Cache, My local JAVA Cache and the UWL Cache in the Portal System Administration to rule out a cache problem.

Has anybody ever had a similar problem?

Cheers, Lukas

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Message was edited by: Lukas Weigelt