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Sap ME 15.0: possible speed up activity log ? Or archiving only activity log ?

Jan 24, 2017 at 06:35 PM


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we are trying to get some information from ACTIVITY_LOG table for having the production trend of an order. Pratically we want to select a specific date range for a specific SFC/Shop Order for understanding, in that period how is the tack time, workcenter efficiency, NC declaration and so on. It's a around 34 million rows table and it no has any index or key, and the handle, for all the rows, is set to (null). When we try to get some information, it takes a little while, and often the select request goes on time out.

Any suggestion on how to archive only activity log, if it's recommended, if it's possible ?

Or it's possibile create some indexes to speed up our oracle selects ?

Any suggestion is appreciated.

Thanks !


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2 Answers

Sergiy Katerinich
Jan 25, 2017 at 09:10 AM


Sounds quite strange because by default this table has 2 indices: SFC+Site and DATE_TIME. So, it you search by SFC, the first index should be used. If you need to search by Shop order, then you have to create your custom index.

The records of this table and archived along with the respective SFC or Shop Order during the standard process of Archiving in SAP ME. You can check Archiving How-To Guide for details.



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Romano Soligo Jan 27, 2017 at 06:41 PM


you are right. We have 3 indexes: item, sfc+site, date_time, but none of these it's useful for our applications.

We will have to create an our index or we will have to change our application.

But, before to arrive to a decision, I have two other questions:

1. It's possible delete directly some entries without generating any problem to standard archive procedure ?

2. Or better, it's possible specify that some events don't create any record in the activity log ?
There is a standard way to control what/who can write in the activity log ?
It's possible, when I call PAPI, pass a parameter indicating that I don't want any recording in activity log ?



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