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Sep 16, 2014 at 12:30 PM

Error with $expand and navigation: Resource not found for the segment 'NavAtp'



I have created associations between entities in order to get the following structure:

The first level is the material level. Then I have the SKU in second level which acts as a table because one material can have several SKUs.

Then, for each SKU, I have a table for stocks (ATP: immediate stock, stock in x days…) and prices: retail price and Wholesales price.

Here is a screenshot of what I have:

Concerning the navigations, I have:

  • NavMatnr to relate the material level and the SKU level
  • NavAtp to relate the ATP level to the SKU level
  • NavPricing to relate the pricing level and the SKU level

I am calling the service using the following URL:

/sap/opu/odata/sap/zezb_get_materials_srv/Materials?$filter=SalesOrg eq 'GI10' and DistribChannel eq '01' and Division eq '30'&$expand=NavMatnr,NavAtp,NavPricing

The error triggered is the following: “Resource not found for the segment 'NavAtp'.”

I declare my deep structures as follow:

DATA:  BEGIN OF ls_material_sku.
           INCLUDE       TYPE zcl_ezb_get_materials_mpc=>ts_sku.
           DATA: navatp TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF zcl_ezb_get_materials_mpc=>ts_atp WITH DEFAULT KEY.
           DATA: navpricing TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF zcl_ezb_get_materials_mpc=>ts_price WITH DEFAULT KEY,
          END OF ls_material_sku.

   DATA:  BEGIN OF ls_output_material.
           INCLUDE       TYPE zcl_ezb_get_materials_mpc=>ts_material.
           DATA: lt_material_output_sku LIKE STANDARD TABLE OF ls_material_sku.
           DATA: navmatnr TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF zcl_ezb_get_materials_mpc=>ts_sku WITH DEFAULT KEY,
          END OF ls_output_material.

I can understand that navatp is not part of the ls_output_material. But I need to get the navatp in the material sku structure, and not in the top parent structure. What should I do to resolve this issue ?

Thanks in advance for your help.



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