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Sep 16, 2014 at 12:05 PM

How to collect MIN, MAX, AVG mode on more than 128 TAGs ?



we are using a inSQL connector to connect to an Historian DB.

Thru this connector we define a TAG Query in order to retrieve the needed data regarding the requested TAGs.

This TAG query allow us to request the DB in different modes : Current, GroupList, History,
HistoryEvent, ModeList, Statisch, TagList on which we devine a method : MIN, MAX, AVG, TOT, MIN MAX AVG, MIN MAX TWA, AVG SDV, TWA

This TAG query is limited to 128 TAGS while we need much more TAGs in our project.

The idea is to do it thru a PCo Query thru a inSQLPCo connector to connect to the same Historian DB.

Thru this connector we can define a PCo Query to collect all the needed data. But we only have the mode :GroupList, ModeList, TagList, TagRetrieveQuery et ViewList, which does not allow the MIN, MAX, AVG etc.. which are needed !!!!

Did you already face such issue ? How did you cope with it ?

Thank you for your support.