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Sep 16, 2014 at 11:14 AM

Reservation for materials Issued and then reversed



I am facing an issue with Reservations created automatically from orders. The Material A has been reserved for an order and has also been issued through MIGO. After Goods issue there has been a reversal of the same Material A against the order for which it was issued.

Now when I check the RESB table for the reservation I get two entries with the Quantity withdrawn as 0 and hence the Value withdrawn is also 0; one for Issue and the other for Reversal.

Please also note that the movement type used is custom movement type 961 and 962 for the purpose of Goods Issue and Goods Reversal respectively.

Please help me to understand as to why the Quantity is 0 in both the records and why does it not show the issued value for 961 and the reversed value for 962.

Also is there something that is being missed in the process due to which the values are not appearing.

Please help.