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Sep 16, 2014 at 11:23 AM

SAP BW Business Content - standard extrator from Treasury Module (CFM)



I've received a requirement regarding how to extract data in SAP BW from Treasury Module (CFM). Actually the

business need the same field names from standard t-codes (Treasury Module):

a) TM_60 "(Line of Credit and Utilization)”

available in SAP BW.

My current analysis shows that these field name might be used:

a) Partner (Field name: KONTRH from table VTBFHA)
b) Partner text (datasource: 0BP_DEF_ADDRESS_ATTR)
c) Company code (field name: BUKRS from table VTBFHA)
d) Facility (field name: RFHA from table VTBFHA)
e) Start date (field name: DBLFZ from table VTBFHA)
f) End date (field name: DELFZ from table VTBFHA)
g) Trans. currency (field name: WGSCHFT from table VTBFHA)
h) Line of Credit (field name: IMIT_CHG_AMOUNT from VTB_ASGN_LIMIT)
i) Utilization (field name: CHG_AMOUNT from table VTB_ASGN_POS)
j) Attribute (field name: MERKM from table VTBFHA)
k) Reference (field name: REFER from table VTBFHA)

a) Account (field name: BANKN from table T012K)
b) Bank name (field name: BANKA from table FEBVW)
c) House bank (field name: HBKID from table T012K)
d) Account ID (field name: HKTID from table T012K)
e) Trans. curr. (field name: WAERS from table T012K)
f) End balance FEBA (field name: ESBTR from table FEBKO)
g) End balance FEBA NOK (field no. f calculate with exchange rate from selected date)
h) End balance FEBA USA (field no. f calculate with exchange rate from selected date)
i) End balance FEBA EUR (field no. f calculate with exchange rate from selected date)
j) Start date (field name: AZDAT from table FEBKO)
k) Company code (field name: BUKRS from table FEBKO)

I've managed some test from actual data records from both reports, and so far in all cases values from above field

names are successful checked - but of course the scala of data there might be adjustments in above look-up logic.

I'm aware of standard datasource ”0TR_CM_1/(Cash)" and ”0TR_LP_1/(Liquidity)", but the underlying tables and field

names are not matching.

My question: Which SAP BW Business content datasource could support TM_60 and ZTPCM_RECONCILE_FEBA?

I appreciate any input.

Best regards
Thorsten Jensen