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Former Member
Sep 16, 2014 at 10:53 AM

0TCAACTVT read or change activity for different values of one infoobject



In our scenario I have to give authorization for infoobject (comp_code as example) to change(0TCAACTVT = '02') data for user's comp_code and to read data of other comp_codes (0TCAACTVT = '03').

I have multiprovider which contain real time cube and agreggation level, one wad application which contain one query for all comp_codes data and one input ready query for user's comp_code. BW 7.0

I made two authorization objects one contain ( 0TCAACTVT = '02' & user's comp_code value) another contain ( 0TCAACTVT = '03' & all other comp_code values) in one role, but it allow to modify all comp_codes data.

Can anybody advise is it possible to do, and give a hint if it is or advise any other way to fulfill requrirement, please?