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Sep 16, 2014 at 10:45 AM

The implementation of Badi ORDER_SAVE will store the value of the product set at item level of INTER order (ZYCS)


Dear experts,

Please help with this.

Create a new implementation of badi ORDER_SAVE

- In method PREPARE, if process_type of the document is ‘ZYCS’ and the document is in creation mode, then we read all the items of the order.

- For all items with ITM_USAGE = ‘08’(subitems), we retrieve the product_guid of the parent item and then we get the value ZCORE and ZEMAR from table COMM_IL_STRSET where comm_il_strset-sourceguid = product_guid of the parent item and comm_il_strset-destinguid = product_guid of the sub item and comm_il_strset-valid_from <= today’s date.

- Update the new fields of crmd_orderadm_i with value of ZCORE and ZEMAR.