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Sep 16, 2014 at 10:29 AM

Default name of multiple time hierarchies



I created in Lumira a new document, based on an Excel with multiple time dimensions, e.g. Date, Creation date, Modified, .... I would like to create time hierarchies in my dataset for each date/ time dimension. If I use the context menu to create an time hierarchie, lumira creates an hierarchy. The hierarchy is called as the initial dimension. But the level underneath are called "year", "quarter", "month", "day". Which is fine if you work with only one hierarchy. But if you have several hierarchies they are all called similar only with the extension (1) , (2),....

If you use one the hierarchies in a visualization, it gets dificult to remember if year (2) belongs to hierarchy "Date" or "Creation Date". Especially if you check the title of the chart you will only see, e.g. "KPI by year (2)"

Of course i could rename each year manually but this could become time consuming. Would there be a possibility that the default name considers hierarchy name and combines it with the name of each level?

e.g.: for Hierarchy "Date"

- Date year

- Date quarter

- Date month

- Date day

or for Hierarchy "Creation date"

- Creation date year

- Creation date quarter

- Creation date month

- Creation date day