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SAP GUI 730 PL8 Installation Problems

Hi all!

We are facing a problem with the following software product:

Information NwSapSetupAdmin.exe:

SAP GUI for Windows 7.30 (Compilation 3)

Component ID: 1460620d-c8bc-44c2-86ec-e632e0986b01

Version: 27625

Latest Patch Level: 8

SAP Automatic Workstation Update

Component ID: 40d11884-3906-4e67-8a96-91035ca09814

Version: 900.42

Latest Patch Level: 45 Version

Information SAP Logon:

Release: 730 Final Release

Dateiversion: 7300.3.8.1084

Build: 1478436

Patch-Level: 8

Within the SAP GUI Installation (NwSapSetup.log) the following error occurs:

16:25:13 NwSapsAtlC 1 Executing script action...

16:25:13 NwSapsAtlC 1 Script-action: Checking reboot condition.

16:25:13 NwSapsAtlC 1 Script-action: NwEngine.Context.Reboot = 1

16:25:13 NwSapsAtlC 1E Microsoft VBScript runtime error: Error message: Unknown error 0x800A01B6. Error code 0x800a01b6.

Object doesn't support this property or method: 'NwEngine.Context.Args' (Line 4, Col. 5)

The setup script contains the error listed above. Please contact your system administrator and provide this information, for example by sending him a screenshot of this message box (Press Alt+PrtScrn to create the screenshot and copy it to the clipboard).

16:25:13 NwSapsAtlC 1E Failed to run script:


1: NwEngine.Context.Log.Write "Script-action: Checking reboot condition."

2: NwEngine.Context.Log.Write "Script-action: NwEngine.Context.Reboot = " & NwEngine.Context.Reboot

3: If NwEngine.Context.Reboot = 1 Then

4: If NwEngine.Context.Args("SuppressReboot") <> "" Then

5: NwEngine.Context.Reboot = 0 'Setting Flag for no Reboot

6: NwEngine.Context.Log.WriteWarning "Script-action: Reboot suppressed by the user. NwEngine.Context.Reboot = " & NwEngine.Context.Reboot

7: ElseIf NwEngine.Context.Args("DelayReboot") <> "" Then

8: NwEngine.Context.Reboot = 1 'Setting Flag for delayed Reboot

9: NwEngine.Context.Log.WriteWarning "Script-action: Reboot delayed by the user. NwEngine.Context.Reboot = " & NwEngine.Context.Reboot

10: Else

11: NwEngine.Context.Reboot = 2 'Setting Flag for immediate Reboot

12: NwEngine.Context.Log.Write "Script-action: Enforce immediate reboot."

13: End If

14: End If


Error message: Unknown error 0x80020101. Error code 0x80020101.

16:25:13 NwSapsAtlC 1E Failed to parse script. Error message: Unknown error 0x80020101. Error code 0x80020101.

16:25:13 NwSapsAtlC 1E While processing Component '$MS System Files' with Id '{F270A214-3AD3-4235-9C74-F4D323B54976}' 1 error(s) have been registered.

16:25:13 NwSapsAtlC 1 CompAct.:Installed Component '$MS System Files' with Id '{F270A214-3AD3-4235-9C74-F4D323B54976}'

With this the NwSapSetup.log ends with:

16:26:23 NwSapSetup 1 Return-Code: 145

In the next logical step within our environment a uninstallation of the SAP GUI gets started:

Commandline: '"C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP\SapSetup\Setup\NWSapSetup.exe" /Silent /Uninstall /Package=PEACY'

This operation gets done with:

12:35:47 NwSapSetup 1 Return-Code: 0

After that the installation of the SAP GUI gets started again with:

Commandline: '"C:\peacy.sys\source\SAPGUI730PL8\source\setup\NwSapSetup.exe" /noDLG /norestart /Package=PEACY'

Now the Installation gets done with:

12:52:12 NwSapSetup 1 Return-Code: 0

Every first installation of SAP GUI 7.30 PL8 is affected. This is a cross-platform issue (Windows 7 and Windows 8.1). If there was our older package version (SAP GUI 7.30 PL4) installed, the installation of SAP GUI 7.30 PL8 gets done without problems.

Every new client with the SAP GUI 7.30 PL8 assigned or the re-installation of it, and every first installation of the package on a client without SAP GUI leads to the mentioned issue - package gets installed with the mentioned error, afterwards the uninstallation gets started by our environment and finally the installation gets done with the second try. This is not a practicable method for our support staff.

Are there any hints how to resolve this issue. (A upgrade to the newest patch level of SAP GUI is not a practicable solution)

Thanks in advance!

Best regards


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3 Answers

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    Former Member
    Sep 29, 2014 at 02:43 PM

    Hello Christian,

    For older releases of the SAP GUI client a good approach is to create package for uninstalling old SAP GUI. Depending on the state of the old SAP GUI's you're upgrading those may not be "clean" enough to warrant upgrading in place.

    The older GUI's have component's no longer provided with the newer releases so most recommendations are to uninstall completely an do a fresh installation.

    I credit Matt Fraser for this information and suggest reading his documentation. The last 4 articles are germane to you're situation. I hope this helps you.


    Dan Mead

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    • Thanks, Dan, for the mention and links.

      Christian, while everyone certainly understands that pushing a patch out to 80,000 clients is a monumental task, what is it that you're expecting besides providing the fix in a patch? As Jude has pointed out, SAP has resolved the issue and provided a patch, and you've already validated that it works. The task at hand now is to figure out how best to distribute that on such a large scale. There's no question this is a big job, but it's not insurmountable. This is what installation servers are for.

      Are all or most of the users at one site, or are they relatively evenly distributed across multiple sites? Either way, you're going to want to setup multiple installation servers and synchronize the packages between them for load balancing purposes. You'll want to find ways to stagger the distribution of the patch.

      It sounds like your existing SAPGUI installations, the ones that had 7.30 pl4 installed, are updating to pl8 without an issue. It's new installations (whether for the first time, or after uninstalling pl4 and installing pl8 from scratch) that are the problem. Am I understanding that correctly? So, in this circumstance, I'm not really understanding why it's a problem to update the installation servers to pl10 and let all new installations use that instead. Your existing pl8 installations are working, and will continue to work, and in 24 hours or so after updating a given installation server, they will auto-update to pl10, as I see that you have AWUS turned on. You do have a DEV or TEST installation server setup to test that process, right? Your new installations, the ones that have been a problem, will install pl10 instead of pl8, and not have a problem.

      How are you pushing new installations? Are you using SCCM? Or logon scripts? Or just emailing users a link to NwSapSetup?

      Or are you installing NwSapSetup on each workstation and then having the users install locally from their own installation server? The logs you posted imply this latter option, and I really hope this isn't what you're doing. If that's the case, then yes, 80,000 clients will be nearly impossible to update.

      Best regards,


  • Sep 16, 2014 at 10:59 AM

    Hallo Christian,

    Recommend you download the latest sapsetup patch from the servicemarketplace.

    Follow the attached note

    and update your installation server with the file referenced in the note.



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    • Hi Jude,

      The update of our package to PL10 avoids the appearance of the described problem.

      Thanks for this, but as already mentioned this is not really a practicable solution for us. We are running about 80000 installations of the PL8 package, which means that everyone of this needs to upgrade to PL10. Additional to this potential installation error source, the users work with a large number of different back-end systems which probably generate errors during the work with the new PL10.

      Best regards,


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    Former Member
    Oct 01, 2014 at 04:12 PM


    for this GUI 730 PL8 process follow this note 1981272

    this may help you out


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