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Former Member
Sep 16, 2014 at 02:09 AM

Regenerate invoice as is, not as debit memo


Hello all,

Hope you can help with the issue I'm facing this time...since the beggining of the year the logistics team of the company was issuing invoices to a costumer with a mistake in the IDOC, thus not reaching the client, and I'm being unable to collect those sales (I'm an account receivable specialist).

The IDOC has already been corrected, but the accounts payable department tells me that the only option is to cancel the documents and generate again the invoices. Reaching logistics they tell me that's very complicated since they have to cancel the documents, create the orders again, and then allocate inventory, make the picking, etc so that will consume a lot of their operating time. Also they gave me another solution that's almost "automatic", I don't know the method but they cancel the invoice with a credit memo, and immediately generate another document to represent the sale but as a debit memo, instead of the invoice, which I'd like to get.

So, my question would there any fast way to cancel an invoice and generate immediately another with the same information?

If I didn't made myself clear please tell me and I will try to explain in more detail.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards.

Christopher Valdes