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Sep 15, 2014 at 10:00 PM

new inspection lot after SPCO status


We are creating an inspection with "early lot creation" option. Later we post partially stock (1000 KG) to process order. That stock is posted against Inspection lot-1 for batch-1. So businedd do inspection and post stock from QI to UNR. So system update status SPCO(Stock posting completed) but we haven't made UD and still production is under progress.

Next day business post again 1000 KG to same process order and same batch number, but system creates new inspection lot for same batch-1. Can we stop system to creating new inspection lot for same batch and process order combination? Per our requirements system should updated new stock to excisting insp lot instead of creating new one.

I have tried all different options of "Control InspLot" but in all cases system does create new lot once SPCO status has been set.