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Sep 15, 2014 at 06:21 PM

Failed to retrieve data from the database.


Having a bear of a time getting a report into the daily routine for scheduling. It is based off of a SQL server stored procedure, which has two databases that it is accessing to pull information from. One database is local to the same server, the other is a linked server on a different box.

when i go to the report within Crystal Server, and right click select Database Configuration, i see prompts for both login information for databases. If this helps at all, often for this one the database login information is yellow background - this was the first i saw it and seems to correlate to my problems. Other reports have that background to be white

In Crystal reports, the report runs fine - i get prompted for user information for one database (the remote, linked one), i don't for the other because it is windows authentication, and my ID authenticates fine.

In Crystal Server, i have two database authentication screens, and i'm 100% positive i'm entering the information right. each has "use same database logon as when report is run" selected. I have done this on a previous version of this report, but for the last 2 weeks, since recent edits, it will just not run via the scheduler.

When i try to view the report, i get prompted for just one database (the remote linked one), not two, but then get this msg:

The viewer could not process an event. The database logon information for this report is either incomplete or incorrect.

Within Crystal Reports, i have used Verify Database to make sure the latest version of the Stored Procedure are being used, and again, it runs fine within Crystal Reports.

Any help would be greatly appreciated - especially maybe where in some log files could i see more info for what is being passed.