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Sep 15, 2014 at 02:28 PM

printing, SPAD, printer short name + transports systemlandscape


how do other customers work with the field printer short name (Table: TSP03L) ?

are all printers in your landscape 100% identically configured (including the generated printer short name) ?

note: we are not using Printing Assistant for Landscapes (PAL)

the case:

unfortunately (we did not have 100% identically configured printer through all systems)

we do some customizing action (in our dev system) with selection of a (printer long name) printer to a customizing function.

(within internal logic the selected printer long name "TPA4711" will be translated into a (generated) printer short name eg "P059")

and after that, this customizing will be transported (with that printer short name eg "P059") to QS-system and prod-system,

in QS-system we have a different printer connected to that used printer short name "P059",

so the transport of that customizing changes the used printer to another printer long name

from printer short name "P059" to an unwanted other printer e.g. "TPW7877"

is there any functionallity to translate printer-names or printer-short-names during TMS, or when executing transports in the next system?

are there any SAP-reports to synchronize that printer short name through several systems ?