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Former Member
Sep 15, 2014 at 12:45 PM

Using table TMAPSTLOC to get Plants for an EWM Report/Output



I'm trying to create a report that extracts material details including the plant from which the material was produced.

The plant comes from using the table /SCWM/TMAPSTLOC. From what I know it's used to connect ECC data with that of EWM. I'm linking this to the table /SCWM/AQUA and /SCWM/BINMAT for other details.

When the data comes out I've noticed that a record is almost identifical except for the field, TMAPSTLOC-AVLGRP.

I would like to know if:

  • This is the correct way to query data from EWM tables. Example, am I using the correct tables etc. I'm doing this because I have to pull data into an external report/output for auditing purposes. The end user will not have or should not need access into the EWM system itself.

  • Why do I find two almost identical records with only AVLGRP as the difference? Should I focus only on one type of AVLGRP? I've noticed different statuses for te description of AVLGRP such as Goods for Putaway and Goods Completely Available. Should I filter in only one or should I keep both? If I have to only leave certain avaiability groups within the system, which one?

Thank you.