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Sep 15, 2014 at 10:39 AM

ECC BUPA BDT: setting default CAM "Communication language"



I thought I'd better ask for help before I'm starting to feel like I'm loosing sanity... My system is NW 702 SAPKB70211, IS-UT 605 SAPK-60508INISUT, all screens and behaviours from Transaction BP.

I'm trying to set the defaults for Central Address Management (CAM) Communication language and country for Organizations and Groups (and Correspondence language for Persons). I've done the ISDAT BDT "Event" FM reccomended so often on SCN, setting the busdefault-country and busdefault-langu using BUP_BUPA_FIELDVALUES_SET, and all seems well - the Address tab at least:

- for Person:

- for Org and Group:

The trouble starts when one tries to create Adress from Address Overview of Org or Group - the default language is just not there, and neither is country:

It turns out that, after defaults have been taken over in BUA_BUPA_PBO_BUA110 once, SAP standard resets (why, Hasso, why on earth would your guys need to do something like that.!?! 😢) the busdefault-langu if the BP type is other than Person (and telnr, faxnr_call, mc_city1, country, mc_street, post_code1, house_num1 for all types). In my desperation I even tried to use the SET/GET parameter SPR from FORM d0100_read_address of LSZA1O02. The trouble is - BUPA calls the thousand and one global flags CAM monstrocity so that g_address_is_optional is always set.

So... before I start controlling what of their glabal data for BUPA defaults SAP logic can or can not modify via implicit inhancement in BUP_BUPA_FIELDVALUES_SET (if the logic is fine with taking those over once per session, why not n times...) does anyone know a straightforward and reliable way of defaulting CAM language and country (for organization and group)?

I've searched OSS up and down but found nothing appliccable that would be helpful.

Thank you and cheers



PersBP.png (20.4 kB)
OrgBP.png (31.3 kB)
AddrOrgBP.png (47.6 kB)