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Former Member
Sep 15, 2014 at 06:48 AM

GRC AC 10 Custom fields not returning data for Change/Lock/Unlock requests


We have created custom fields for certain such as "company code", "plant", following the guide as below.

AC 10.0 - Managing Custom Fields for Access and Role Management

Each GRC custom fields pulls in data from a custom table created in the GRC system that stores relevant data.

The custom fields now correctly appear in the "custom data" tab and we are able to populate the request based on values selected in the dropdown lists (F4 lookup used) that correctly pull in the data from the linked tables and we can submit and approve a request for new user.

The problem we have is that if I create a request for a new user ABC with custom field data e.g. company code 99999, and then afterwards select the user and try "Change Account" request, the data is not populating in the "Custom Data" tab. All data in the "User Details" tab is populating.

Is this the default behaviour or can this be fixed?

I also noticed that also the "Manager" field is not being filled in the "User Details" tab (not currently linking to HR system as yet). All other data in the "User Details" tab is populating.

Please advise on this issue.