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Jan 24, 2017 at 05:25 PM

Fiori security at Tile Level


Need inputs from Fiori Security experts.

We developed many custom app's and created required group level security roles. Now our customers are looking for Tile level security.

For example We created a Group called Approvals and tiles in this group are "Approve PR's", "Approve PO's", "Approve SES",

"Approve Contracts". Now if User-A logins he should see only "Approve PR's", "Approve Contracts" and if Use-B logins in he should see "Approve PR's", "Approve PO's", "Approve SES" and if User-C logins in he should see "Approve SES", "Approve Contracts".

Approval Group App's --> Approve PR's, Approve PO's, Approve SES, Approve Contracts

User-A "Approve PR's", "Approve Contracts"

User-B "Approve PR's", "Approve PO's", "Approve SES"

User-C "Approve SES", "Approve Contracts"