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Sep 14, 2014 at 06:15 AM

WM QM blocked stock issue



i have a question regarding the following:

my client performs a GR booking in blocked stock (103) to prevent serialnumbers to be entered and equipments to be generated before these materials have been inspected (NON QM up untill now). The 103 does not result in a WMS booking, only after the 105 the TR/TO towards storage location in WM is being performed.

In the new proces the 103 should result in a WM booking but also combined with QM.

So during the GR 103 an inspection order has to be generated of which the quantity has to be booked towards WM storage location and of which the sample has to be booked to a work center (917).

Question 1: Is it possible to have the stock in WM like this, and if so what is the stock status, blocked with quality indication??

Question 2: Normally (with 101 GR) there are some posting changes/TO's which replace the Q status for unrestricted stock after user decision. How about this 103? Should there still be a 105 booking after te user decision? Or is the stock unrestricted after the user decision (regardless or if it's a 101 or a 103 which is performed)?

Question 3: Which movement types should i link in WM to the 103, 104 (in case of a negative user decision) and 105 MM movementtypes to perform the process successfully?

THANKS for your help!!