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Sep 13, 2014 at 06:44 PM

How to locate the user id of user which created a Business Partner Master Data set


Hi everyone,

First post on here, on a number of occasions I have found either the answer to or a steer towards when facing a issue, hopefully someone can help with this question.

I'm working with SAP B1, v9 PL11 on SQL 2008R2.

I have to create a query which displays; cardcode, cardname, createdate, cardtype, username of creating user, on or after a date variable.

Having looked over the OCRD table I can't see a specific field containing data that would correspond to a user code.

OUSR looks like a good candidate with the user details but I don't think I can see any data types which are directly comparable so not able to make a workable join.. I've tried a number of combinations, such as ocrd.usersign = ousr.usersign and while it returned data it was not correct.

Please can someone help me find the name of the relevant field, or table which would contain this value so I can then complete my query.

Many thanks in advance!